Balance of Nature products
Balance of Nature products
Balance of Nature offers more than just their fruits, veggies and fiber supplements.

Balance of Nature seems to be everywhere right now. Their ads are all over the radio, TV and online. With thousands of new customers each week, at least 2/3 of whom seem pretty satisfied with the products, it’s no surprise they are gaining popularity so rapidly.

But Balance of Nature is more than just a supplement company. While the products are very good and highly rated, they also offer a free health coaching service.

But why? And how can they offer it for free? Most importantly…is it at all worthwhile?

To understand the development of health coaching, you have to…

Balance of Nature’s Fruits, Veggies and Fiber & Spice

UPDATE (January 2021): If you’re considering buying Balance of Nature, I dug around and finally found (and tested- it works) a coupon code to help you save. Use code SAVE35 and it will take 35% off your order. The catch is you have to order it on recurring monthly orders, not the one-time option. However, you can now simply cancel your monthly subscription online at any time so there’s no long term commitment required to get this great discount.

If you listen to conservative talk radio, you’ve probably heard of Balance of Nature from their testimonial ads. Now they are…

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a pretty big primary election underway for the 2020 general election. The Democrats have an enormous field of candidates, while the GOP has only a few and looks well on its way to nominating Trump for re-election (impeachment results pending).

This is actually a flip from the 2016 election when there was no incumbent and both parties had nominating processes. The Democrats had only a few candidates while the Republicans had the large field.

Whether you’re talking about this election, last election or pretty much any presidential election, something has been…

Nutrition advice is about as ubiquitous as breathing. We’ve all sought it out at some point, just as we’ve all doled it out from time to time. Don’t deny it.

So why does something as simple as eating seem so complicated? Why are there conflicting guidelines? How are we supposed to know what’s healthy and what isn’t?

It’s time to cut through all the crap and deliver what’s taken me years of research and personal experience to figure out. It’s not complicated. It’s not complex. Healthy eating is very simple and can be summed up in a few nice equations.

America, land of the free and home of the brave…and the outdated Electoral College.

The Electoral College was front and center in the 2016 Presidential election. Republican Donald Trump, who received less votes than Democrat Hillary Clinton, would triumph in the Electoral College and thus won the Presidency. That’s not news to anyone.

The same thing happened in 2000 as well, and so calls to abolish the Electoral College have never been louder. Proponents of the current system say it’s a safeguard to ensure smaller, less populous states get a voice in Presidential elections.

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